Planning to get married? Congratulations! We rejoice with you! With the second longest aisle in the Archdiocese, beautiful stained glass windows, and stunning neo-gothic architecture, historic Blessed Sacrament is a memorable place to be married.

We hope you will use this wonderful time to deepen your relationship. A wedding is only for a day; a marriage is for a lifetime. Some people wish to marry at Blessed Sacrament; others wish to do marriage preparation at Blessed Sacrament, but get married elsewhere. Whatever your circumstances, we wish to assist.

FAQ about Marriage at Blessed Sacrament

How do we begin? To plan your special day, first email sacraments@bspwa.org or call the Parish Office at (206) 547-3020. Our staff will ask you some basic questions in order to guide you through the paperwork and preparation process. This generally includes meetings with a priest, preparation series (which includes an Intro to Natural Family Planning), and a relationship assessment called Prepare/Enrich.

What fees are involved? Certain fees are requested to help defray the considerable administrative effort of preparing your special day. Currently, the base fees are $1,250 for current parishioners and $2,150 for non-parishioners. Please note that to qualify as a current parishioner,  you must have registered in the parish at least 18 months prior to starting your marriage prep, attend Mass regularly and contribute in some way to the life and work of the parish. The Church fee includes a cantor, an accompanist, and wedding liturgy assistant. An additional $400 fee is required for the Marriage Prep Course. But please know that couples will not be turned away because of financial hardship. Please make an appointment to discuss your circumstances.

What times are available for weddings?  Weddings normally do not occur during the seasons of Advent or Lent.  During other seasons of the year, weddings may be held on Saturdays at 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM, or 3:00 PM.

What if I've been married before? We can talk with you more about this when you call to set up your initial meeting.

Can anyone prepare for marriage at Blessed Sacrament? We do prepare couples for marriage that are outside of the parish, as space allows. Please email sacraments@bspwa.org or call the Parish Office at (206) 547-3020 to inquire about upcoming classes.

How long does preparation typically take? A nine month preparation is typically required. See the Marriage Preparation section below for further details.

What if we're already married civilly?  We would love to help you!  You can prepare for convalidation (the "blessing" of your marriage) in order to receive the abundant graces that come from the Sacrament of Matrimony. Please email sacraments@bspwa.org or call the Parish Office at (206) 547-3020 to discuss.

What if we are parishioners at Blessed Sacrament but want to get married at a different parish? We will prepare your required paperwork here and send it to the parish where you will be married. An administrative fee will apply.

Marriage preparation at blessed sacrament

We rejoice that you desire to be married in the Catholic Church!  Because the Sacrament of Matrimony is such a great gift, Christ calls you to a full and prayerful preparation for this life-long commitment. We take our role in this preparation very seriously.

To prepare for your marriage, a seven week series of classes is required. These classes are called "Evenings for the Engaged" and open a wide variety of topics for engaged couples to learn about and discuss. There is a $400 fee for Marriage Preparation.

Topics include personality and family of origin differences; differing expectations of marriage; marriage as a vocation, a covenant, and a sacrament; communication and conflict resolution skills; moral issues, including family planning, spending priorities, personal vices harmful to marriage; and the power of forgiveness.

If your schedules do not permit you to participate in the classes (too bad, they're fun!), then you will need to find an alternate way to prepare. Ask about these options at your preliminary meeting with our Parish staff.

For more information on marriage preparation at Blessed Sacrament, please email sacraments@bspwa.org or call the Parish Office at (206) 547-3020