Music at Blessed Sacrament

The Music Ministry is home to a vibrant community of singers and musicians that joyfully serve together at weekend Masses and special concerts! We are always looking for folks to join our numbers! Scroll down for more information about our different choral and instrumental ensembles. Please e-mail Music Director Matthew Loucks at mloucks@bspwa.org to learn more! 

Upcoming Concerts and Special Liturgies

Please click below for information about upcoming concerts and special liturgies at Blessed Sacrament.  

Wedding Music

Getting married at Blessed Sacrament Church? Congratulations! Please click below for information about music for Nuptial Masses and Wedding Rites at Blessed Sacrament.

Liturgical Music

Please click the video below to listen to Salve Regina, the Antiphon sung in ordinary time and on certain Feasts and Solemnities.

Instrumental Ensembles

Learn more about our Instrumental Ensembles, Psalmists and Cantors, and Vocal Ensembles below!

Brass Ensemble

The Blessed Sacrament Brass Ensemble was founded in November of 2015 and is made up of Blessed Sacrament Brass players and percussionists under the leadership of acclaimed trumpeter Judson Scott.

Parishioners delight monthly in the sonorous sounds of our Brass Ensemble as they appear side by side with our Chancel Choir (10:30AM Mass) augmented by the glorious acoustics of our historic Sanctuary!  

These exemplary musicians share their talents for special feasts and solemnities throughout the liturgical year most notably at our celebration of the Epiphany, Corpus Christi and our annual Thanksgiving Liturgy.

Membership is by audition.

"From the days when the Ark of the Covenant was accompanied in procession by cymbals, harps, lyres, and trumpets, God’s people have, in various periods, used a variety of musical instruments to sing his praise!"

Baroque Orchestra

The Blessed Sacrament Baroque Orchestra is the only 18th Century Instrument Orchestra "in residence" in a Catholic Church in the entire state of Washington!  

This ensemble accompanies the Blessed Sacrament Schola Cantorum and Chancel Choir for numerous events throughout the Liturgical Year including seasonal Cantatas by J.S. Bach and G.P. Telleman (Advent & Lent), the ALL SOULS Requiem Mass (11/2), our annual "MESSIAH" performance, the Tre Ore Service on Good Friday and our annual ST. CECILIA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Our Baroque Orchestra hosts some of the finest musicians in the Northwest performing on 18th Century string , wind, brass, horn, percussion and keyboard instruments.   These select musicians have performed under the baton of our Music Director, Matthew Loucks, since 2008. 

Membership is by invitation.

"...instrumental music can assist the gathering assembly in preparing for worship...it may give voice to the sentiments of the human heart through pieces played during the Liturgy... Instrumentalists are encouraged to play pieces from the treasury of sacred music by composers of various eras."
Music In Divine Worship, USCCB 2007

Sackbut Ensemble

Blessed Sacrament Parish is the only Catholic Parish on the entire West Coast that boasts its own resident Sackbut Ensemble.  The Sackbut is the ancestor of the modern trombone, negotiating pitch changes by the use of a u-shaped slide.  It was employed regularly during the Renaissance and Baroque Periods.  The Sackbut was often used to support the singing of polyphony as well as antiphonal choral works, while simultaneously maintaining its own ensemble repertoire, often performing alongside the slide trumpet or violin (which is also the custom at Blessed Sacrament). 

Our Sackbut Ensemble is led by Mr. Keith Winkle and supports our Music Ministry approximately one Sunday per month, as well as for solemnities and feast days as assigned.  Membership is by Audition or invite only. 

Psalmists and Cantors


The Blessed Sacrament Psalmists are musicians trained to proclaim the Psalm between the Readings as well as the Gospel Acclamation. 

"Persons designated for the ministry of psalmist should possess the ability for singing and a facility in correct pronunciation and diction...The psalmist sings the verses of the Responsorial Psalm from the ambo or other suitable place."


The Cantors at Blessed Sacrament Parish lead the faithful in the Antiphons, Reponses, Hymnody and Congregational Song. 

"As a leader of congregational song, the cantor should take part in singing with the entire gathered assembly in order to promote
the singing of the liturgical assembly."


Vocal Ensembles


Chancel Choir

The Blessed Sacrament CHANCEL CHOIR gathered for the first time in the fall of 2015 and invites both the novice and veteran singer alike to make a “joyful noise” at the 10:30 AM Mass on Sunday mornings in addition to scheduled feast days and solemnities.

This ensemble of mixed voices welcomes singers of all musical abilities, while offering a "flexible" time commitment. This arrangement extends a wonderful opportunity to our parishioners with busy lives to participate in the beauty of our liturgical celebrations with a commitment level of their choosing.

The CHANCEL CHOIR sings from the Graduale Simplex, intones and chants the assigned antiphons and psalms, while faithfully exploring three to four-part anthems, polyphonic motets, and hymnody. 

The CHANCEL CHOIR rehearses for one hour weekly with a Sunday commitment during the months of October-April (Easter).

Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 8:30-9:30 PM.  No audition is necessary.

"The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as sacred song united to the words, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy."

Please contact our Director of Music at mloucks@bspwa.org for more information.

Laudate Ensemble

The LAUDATE ENSEMBLE joined the music ministry in 2016 comprised of 6-8 voices augmented frequently by some of our most talented volunteer instrumentalists!

The LAUDATE ENSEMBLE incorporates both three and four-part anthems, motets, and hymnody into our liturgical celebrations, while remaining dedicated to proclaiming the weekly processional antiphons, chants, and psalms. This ensemble also provides parishioners with a “flexible” time commitment with a short rehearsal immediately prior to Mass.

Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons at 5:00 PM. No audition is necessary.

“Other kinds of sacred music . . . are by no means excluded from liturgical celebrations so long as they accord with the spirit of the liturgical action.” SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM (1963)


Named after Dominican friar and music theorist Jerome of Moravia, the Blessed Sacrament JEROME ENSEMBLE is a chorus of male voices that focuses primarily on the singing of ecclesiastical chant from the Dominican Graduale and the Graduale Simplex, as well as a host of solemn Eucharist chants and hymns.  

2019-02-03 002.JPG

The JEROME ENSEMBLE ministers at the 12:00 PM Noon Mass on Sundays.

No audition is necessary.

"The treasure of sacred music is to be preserved and fostered with great care. Choirs must be diligently promoted..."

Schola Cantorum


The very first SCHOLA CANTORUM was founded in 438 A.D. in the Catholic Church to foster the singing of liturgical chant, including the prescribed antiphons, the Ordinary of the Mass, and later sacred polyphony by highly trained and disciplined singers.

Cultivated in the Spring of 2015, the Blessed Sacrament SCHOLA CANTORUM continues to advance this tradition with the weekly rendering of the processional antiphons/psalms, and the Ordinary of the Mass, while zealously exploring the Church’s vast treasury of polyphonic motets, anthems, and sacred cantatas.

Our Schola offers a series of “Choral Masses” at our 5:45 PM liturgy on the first Sunday of each month. Often celebrated ad orientem, these liturgies will include a musical rendering of glorious settings of the Ordinary of the Mass (Kyrie , Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei) by some of Western Music’s finest composers including Hassler, Haydn, Lotti, Monteverdi, Mozart, and Palestrina!

The SCHOLA CANTORUM is the featured ensemble for Blessed Sacrament’s series of sacred music concerts accompanied by our resident Baroque Orchestra performing on 18th century instruments. Our 2018-2019 concert series will include Monteverdi’s Vespers (1641), Handel’s Messiah, the Feast of the Presentation/Candlemas, and J.S. Bach’s monumental B Minor Mass.

Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:00PM - 8:15 PM. Membership is by invitation.

Please contact our Director of Music at mloucks@bspwa.org for more information.

"A well-trained choir adds beauty and solemnity to the liturgy and also assists and encourages the singing of the congregation...(the choir) will assume the role of leadershi8p, while at other times it will retain its own distinctive ministry."

Open Auditions

Blessed Sacrament Parish is holding open auditions for paid staff singers for our various vocal ensembles. 

We are seeking punctual professionals to provide high quality singing and support for parish liturgical celebrations, including Saturday/Sunday liturgies, solemnities, feast days, funeral and nuptial Masses, concerts, and other events as assigned.  Candidates should possess the ability and willingness to read notes of both the round and square variety, and be proficient in English and Latin. 

Standard repertoire at Blessed Sacrament consists of both Gregorian and Dominican chant, polyphony, motets, anthems, hymns, songs, and concert repertoire. Candidates will kindly assist in fostering the musical talents and participation of all music ministers, parishioners, and volunteers.  Practicing Roman Catholics are preferred. 

Please contact our Musical Director, Matthew Loucks, at mloucks@bspwa.org.