Finding Joy in the Desert

As we renew our efforts to live as Christ’s disciples during this Lenten season, we need not be sad!  Rather, we unite in seeking Christ through our ongoing conversion so that the grace of God may transform us, until we are perfectly ourselves in Christ.  We will be joining in adoration, as well as offering a parish-wide Lenten program, BEST LENT EVER, based on Matthew Kelly's book, Perfectly Yourself.  Read on for further details.

1. join in adoration of the blessed sacrament

This graced season is an opportunity to draw closer to the mercy of Jesus, to discover ourselves more perfectly in His love, and to prepare for the joy of the His Resurrection at Easter.  May we join together by finding joy in the desert through the gift of the Blessed Sacrament and our common efforts to more perfectly radiate the joy of the Gospel. 


Here are some ways to join in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during the Lenten season:

  • Come to Soup and Stations on the Friday nights of Lent and stay for a Lenten reflection by Br. David and some moments of adoration afterwards (children are welcome ... our Lord's ears are accustomed to all sorts of joyful noises!). 

    Here is the schedule for Friday night Soup and Stations, beginning Friday, February 16:
    • 5:30 PM:  Mass
    • 6:00 PM:  Soup Supper in the Parish Hall
    • 7:00 PM:  Stations of the Cross
    • 7:30 PM:  Lenten Reflections by Br. David
    • 8:00 PM:  Adoration
  • Join us for Mercy Night on March 2 and spend time with the Lord in prayerful meditation and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Click here for more information and to watch a video about Mercy Night.  
  • If you already adore the Lord each week, consider adding an extra half hour of time with the LordClick here for adoration opportunities at Blessed Sacrament.
If you really want to grow in love, come back to the Eucharist, come back to that Adoration. Our hours of adoration will be special hours of reparation for sins, and intercession for the needs of the whole world, exposing the sin-sick and suffering humanity to the healing, sustaining and transforming rays of Jesus, radiating from the Eucharist. Each one of us is a coworker of Christ - we must labor hard to carry Him to the hearts where He has not yet been known and loved...But, unless we have Jesus, we cannot give Him; that is why we need the Eucharist. Spend as much time as possible in front of the Blessed Sacrament and He will fill you with His strength and His power.
— St. Teresa of Calcutta

2. follow lenten devotionals with the rest of the parish

As we journey into the desert with the Lord, consider joining with other parishioners to participate in BEST LENT EVER, a free email program from Dynamic Catholic. 

The BEST LENT EVER daily email program has three dimensions:

  • Short inspirational videos 
  • Practical tips for your everyday life
  • Real-life stories to encourage you on your journey
Click above to access the Study Guide!

Click above to access the Study Guide!

This year's BEST LENT EVER program is based on Matthew Kelly's book, Perfectly Yourself. 

Click here to access and download the Perfectly Yourself study guide.

Free copies of Perfectly Yourself were given away by Blessed Sacrament at Christmas.  For those who did not get a copy at Christmas, books will be available for you to pick up at Blessed Sacrament along with other Lenten Devotionals during the weekend of February 10-11. 

3. consider inviting friends on your lenten journey 

Consider inviting some friends to journey with you for your BEST LENT EVER.  Although the Perfectly Yourself study guide is effective when used individually, it is specifically designed for use with small faith groups.  We invite you to consider inviting a neighbor or friend to a regular meeting during this season of Lent.  If you are a couple or a family, consider inviting another couple or family to join you!